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A Global Learning Community for Artisans, Craftspeople, Designers & Creatives selling goods online.

About Flourish

What is Flourish at Artisan Indie?

Flourish is the learning community at Artisan indie. It was built for creatives who want to grow their craft business online. Think of us as a commerce school for makers!

Flourish provides an interactive classroom that offers guidance from top sellers and experts in the handmade industry. These experts help teach our members how to increase traffic and sales within their online shops. If you sell handmade items on Etsy, Handmade at Amazon, Shopify or similar we will help you take your art or craft business to the next level.

This community isn't just a classroom, it is so much more. Flourish is a global social space for creatives to interact with each other. Within Flourish our members have a safe space to brainstorm business ideas, a positive social space where you can chat with new friends and a place to find support from those who understand what being a handmade entrepreneur is all about. 

We value the importance of crafted goods. Our mission is to support the handmade movement and to encourage creatives to live life out loud!

An In-Depth Look at what
Flourish provides its members.

MENTORSHIP: The Flourish Mentorship program connects you to experts who have done it, succeeded and are looking to teach you to do the same. Going right to the source in the area of expertise that you need help with is the fastest and most efficient way to grow your business and increase your sales.

VIDEOS: Our experts regularly post video content with tips and advice that could turn your business around. The video content found on Flourish isn’t the kind of stuff you’ll find anywhere on the internet. It’s actionable steps you can take to improve your business and sell more of the products you put hours into crafting.

PRESENTATIONS: Have you ever sat down and thought “I wish I knew how to...”? Our experts provide presentations and screencasts, allowing you a live look over the shoulder of someone who has made it. Someone who is in the Top 1% of their skillset in the world is guiding you through something, showing you exactly how to do it. That’s truly invaluable.

Community: Flourish isn’t just a place to receive advice from experts it is first and foremost an AMAZING community of handmade sellers from all over the globe. It’s a community where you connect with other like minded creatives who know the struggles and joys of selling handmade online. Even more than support and guidance in your business, the friendships you create provide awesome emotional support for you. Connect with people like you, learn together, grow together, earn together, Flourish together. Flourish is a drama free community. It is a joyful space where we celebrate each other!

Flourish Swag: We are always adding resources and discounts to add value to our members subscription. We have giveaways and contests, a Flourish Market where you can sell your goods to your fellow members and a Flourish Group Discount to many popular stores and businesses that support the handmade community like Joann's Fabric, The Hungry JPEG, Marmalead, Around.IO,  and Ink & Elm!

What can Flourish do for YOU?

In the Flourish community, you’re going to get answers to your questions, plain and simple. The Flourish experts, and even fellow members, post information daily that will improve your handmade business, solve your problems and put more sold orders in your inbox!

Books, blogs and podcasts are great...for a minute. What happens when you buy a book and then Etsy radically changes their platform? Our experts are constantly researching, improving and training themselves. They stay on top of the trends, news and movements of Etsy and other top selling platforms. We like to say they have their fingers on the pulse of e-commerce 24/7.

The information you’re going to be getting is always relevant, actionable advice. All you have to do is soak it up and put it into place. Watch the orders roll in and your goals get crushed! Together we Teach, we Inspire and we Flourish!

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